Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shakespeare Master Class

On Saturday, April 18th at 12PM in the Dance Rehearsal Room at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, two sections of around 24 participants and observers from a wide range of disciplines (Theatre, Dance, Education, Community members, Lyric Theatre, etc.) came together to learn a new way to approach Shakespeare, specifically Sonnetts, through the teaching of Struan Leslie.

After a pleasant introduction from Struan, participants began with a weight distribution exercise focusing on arms and legs. In partners they walked observing each others footing.   

"Locating your "Middle, Middle, Middle". There is middle left, middle right, middle center and those three points meet in the middle of the body. The diagonals meet."

Finding the "character of the sonnet": Where your physical state takes you and how does it change you?

"Your job is to be as precise as you can."

Participants from different disciplines worked to find the "shape of the relationship".

The idea of being connected to text on the breath, on the inhale.

Having the movement motivating the text, rather than the text motivating the movement. 

"We only walk as long as we breathe."

The concept of "walking the punctuation".

As all the participants, and Struan for that matter, were extremely enthusiastiac and engaged in the process, both workshops spent more time than anticipated, luckily Sarah Aker, from Dance, helped us secure the space for additional time! We are all excited for this Saturday's workshop "Creating from Something"!

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